Skills Thus Far in J2150

Before going into J2150, I had not used an audio recorder or professional cameras. I had to learn from the beginning how to use each piece. On top of that, learning how to use Adobe software. The biggest challenge for me was the Adobe software. It takes a lot of time and patience to use the software because there are so many functions to use. Premiere Pro is the hardest for me to use. I spent hours trying to figure out basic functions. It is a very complex software. I thought I would easily use the software because I used to edit videos when I was younger; however, I was using Windows Movie Maker. That is a very basic and easy software. As for using the equipment, everything is straightforward. Going in with a plan is one thing I learned is necessary. If I didn’t do that, my pieces would not have been the way they were. Especially with video and audio I had to think about where I would get nat sound. Video was extra tricky because it was similar to audio in that it needed nat sound, but it also needed visuals.

I believe I am strongest in photography. I think I am a novice in every part (video, audio, photo), but with photography, I am able to control the camera and understand lighting. I also love being able to represent people as art through the lens. I need to improve with video. I believe that I could have a stronger video presence if I was able to understand Premiere better. Maybe it is not so much the equipment but the editing that is hard. I have only used video once at this point, but I am going to keep practicing my editing skills for the final project.

Skills that I would like to gain would be the ability to smoothly edit a video. I said this, but I think it is a really important skill to master. Most likely, I will have to make a short video like the ones we did in class. I want to have the most practice now while I have the opportunity. I would also like to improve on my photography. It is great when everything lines up for a story; however, I experienced where everything that could go wrong, did. I want to become stronger at tackling those types of situations. I will do this, but I will also practice and pay attention to multimedia pieces to mimic the way journalists deal with those types of situations.