Mexican Consulate Numbers Spike

More and more Mexican citizens are going to Mexican consulates after Trump’s inauguration. Read the story here.

This specific article uses, for the majority of it, solely consults. While this could be seen as the same interview over and over, each consult has their own disposition on helping people, and their location varies across the U.S.

The combination of all these consults show the immediacy of Mexican citizens to find secondary options if the government agencies come for them. Each location has a different concern. For example, Carlos González Gutiérrez, a consult in Austin, Texas, has a different numerical concern than other regions. About half of the 200,000 people living in his area are undocumented immigrants. One thing to mention, however, is that Austin ranks lower on undocumented immigrant numbers than other places in Texas. Los Angeles has a much higher number, which is important to note because the NYT talked to Carlos García de Alba, a consult in Los Angeles. These opposing areas have different needs. While González will use more mass media, García will focus on who he is meeting with for that day.

For areas like Phoenix, consult Claudia Franco’s idea of taking on this issue is to be more of a psychologist for people. She would like to listen to their fears and create a worse-case scenario; however, González has decided to appear on Spanish-language television and radio to remind people these operations seem to be targeted. These two ideas express the diversity on how to deal with this situation. While one is more therapeutic and personal, the other is more mass distribution of a message to create serenity.

While I did not list every source within the story (there are seven), I believe they are all reliable due to their credibility. The majority of them, like I said, are consults who are dealing with these situations on a daily, first-hand basis. The other two sources, a Mexican official and a Mexican citizen – possibly now American citizen? It is unclear. The official’s need to be anonymous could be seen as unreliable, but with this piece coming from the NYT, there is enough credibility to believe this is accurate. Also, it is only a sentence of what the official said with an explantation on why he/she is anonymous. The possible Mexican immigrant is used as an opinion at the end of the article. It is reliable because it is a first-person concern on the situation.

I believe the author located these sources by looking at the highest undocumented immigrants areas and then talked to the consult in that city. The Mexican official possibly came from the author’s idea to get a word on the president’s action, since President Enrique Peña Nieto is spending money on helping people who face deportation the option to get a lawyer. The Mexican citizen was found in Los Angeles, so I think that the author interviewed someone who was waiting for a consultation in the LA office where she was interviewing García.


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