A Meat-less Burger

As vegan and vegetarian trends continue, there is a chance for a bigger support against meat when people find out about the burger that helps the planet. Listen here.

Allison Aubrey reports on a meat-less burger, “The Impossible Burger,” that was engineered by Pat Brown. Brown looked into the reason cow meat has the taste it has. Turns out, it is the heme inside of the burger that makes it so delicious. Brown isolated heme in order to make the meat-less burger tasty! Brown’s start-up company, Impossible Foods, currently supplies to seven high-end restaurants.

During this interview, Aubrey did not define where she was interviewing Brown; however, the ambi sound that is playing in the background moves the listener to wherever their imagination leads them. To me, I felt maybe I was in a laboratory where Brown studies and researches. I also imagined that we were at the home office of Impossible Foods, if there is one. Again, Aubrey’s background leaves out a lot of information.

Aubrey visited executive chef Brad Farmerie who works at Saxon + Parole in New York City. The natural sound of the sizzle of the burger on a grill encompasses the listener to be in the restaurant. That was my favorite nat sound within this piece.

The last source Aubrey interviewed was a customer, Phillip Duff, who ended up criticizing the burger. This, to me, felt a little awkward in that this piece went in with the intention to support the new burger but ended with ridicule. While the ambi sound kept me within the story, my mind could not help but wander to the idea of, how does this interview add to the piece?

While we often talk about he-said-she-said as a trivial way to portray a story, the last minute customer interview made me feel as if this was an attempt to show two sides of the story.

To me, I felt as if Aubrey could have talked to someone who is an advocate for animals that would thoroughly enjoy this idea that there is a meat-less burger.

All in all, this NPR piece is relevant to the idea that more and more studies have come out showing how bad animal meat is for us. Now, there is a way to avoid eating meat while seeming like you are eating meat.


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