Women Empowerment

Through reading Priscilla Frank’s “How 100 Years of Advertising Created the ‘White American Woman,'” and discussion in class, I have began to ponder on what Americans, in modern times, think of women. I remember seeing one of the best advertisement techniques by UN Women that expresses the belittlement of women. In their campaign, they typed into a simple search engine “women are/shouldn’t/need…” and each advertisement presents a different idea. After reading what each search engine’s top searches were, it became clear to me that America has this idea to “[put] a woman in her place,” (Frank). Read through these advertisements and analyze the prejudice bestowed upon women.

How is it just to criticize women for their own existence. Is it not a Constitutional right that all men and women are created equal? Is it not a right for a woman to vote? Have we not moved past ancient times of a woman staying at home and devoting her life to a male? I firmly believe that through the ages, women have earned their right to inhibit on the same level as men. We have been just as intuitive, innovative, passionate, driven, and more. Women have encountered physical and mental abuse for years for just being a woman; however, each time, it seems as if the negative actions bestowed upon women only empower us to succeed even more. Every hard obstacle women have encountered has allowed progression for the future.

We viewed this advertisement in class. This specific advertisements suggests that a woman is not worthy of anything more than staying in the kitchen or tending to her husband’s every need. In modern society, jokes thrown around about how a woman belongs in a kitchen or how someone throws like a girl only brings us a step back. As a progressive nation, we need to be a leader to the world in showing innovative thinking. It is unproductive for our nation to reverse times. Think of all the advancements women have brought to the world: a car heater, life raft, fire escape, solar heating, medical syringe, modern electronic refrigerator, ice cream maker, computer algorithm, multiple telecommunications technology, dishwasher, computer software, beer, and so much more (Buzzfeed). Without the help of women, modern luxuries would not exist.

Not only are women innovative but they are confident and strong too. Think of all the women who have stood for rights: Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey, and Jane Addams to name a few. Their ability to stand up for what they believed in help movements of race, poverty, injustice, social reforms, and all the other topics Oprah Winfrey covers.

Another modern woman who has made incredible efforts to benefit education is Michelle Obama. She has fought hard for schools to endorse art education, provide healthy lunch, and countless support for girls in school. She understands the hardships girls encounter while getting an education whether it is mental or physical. It seems that this ideal of girls sticking together powers the future for a new generation – the women’s generation. As Beyonce has said, “Who run the world? Girls.”

Why is it that America still ridicules women? Is it because “she’s precious, she’s innocent, she’s privileged, she’s pure,” (Frank)? Have we not shown our strength through our years of efforts for equality? Or maybe its because “she’s disenfranchised and oppressed,” (Frank). There are still constant battles for equality through this idea of feminism. Not only do women accept and support it, some men do too. One thing is for sure, women will never back down until we are equal.



  1. courtcox32 · September 23, 2015

    I absolutely love the ad you had in the beginning. I have seen it over the internet before but I always stop to read it again and again each time I see it. It’s amazing to me how in 2015 women still don’t get paid as much for doing the same job as a man, how woman are seen as helpless and defenseless, and are told they can’t do certain things because “they’re a girl”. It just baffles me that men (and even some women) say these things about women when a woman was the one to push them into this world. I honestly just don’t understand how people can’t grasp the fact that we are humans and we all have the same rights as them.


  2. meghanrogers7 · September 24, 2015

    I find it to be degrading and almost sickening to still find out that women don’t make as much as men to this day. It almost makes women think that they are not better than a man or not even close to equal. All because of a wage margin between the two of us. America with today’s standards wants everyone to be equal but it’s moderately difficult for anybody to be, when this is still happening.


  3. livymelberg · September 26, 2015

    I love how powerful ads can be. That first one is so captivating. It shows all kinds of women which is so important when fighting for equality. That bottom ad makes me SO mad. Women are so important, I like the list of things women have invented! It is so important to remember this is still a battle women are fighting.


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